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Let's start a new kind of fire

An iron fueled kind of fire.

Our challenge

“Power plants and heat-demanding industries are responsible for 40% of the global CO2 emissions.”

Sources such as the sun and wind can generate an abundant amount of renewable electricity. However, this energy is not always present at the time it is needed, on the right location or in the required medium. Therefore, this energy cannot be used.

We need an energy carrier in which we can store renewable energy so that we can overcome these challenges.

Our technology

“Iron Fuel is the superhero that will help us meet our climate goals.”

Iron Fuel can solve the industry’s problem by storing renewable energy in the iron powder. By burning this iron powder, energy can be released when we need it and where we need it in a safe and CO2 free manner. The burned product, rust, can be regenerated back into iron fuel using renewable energy. This makes iron fuel the CO2 free, circular, safe, storable and transportable industrial fuel of the future. The iron man that will get the climate job done.


How it works

“There are two steps to the process of using iron fuel as an energy carrier.”

Iron fuel is combusted with air resulting in a tremendous energy release. This released energy can be applied in various applications such as industrial processes, generation of electricity or as a means of propulsion. Besides the production of heat, the only side-product created is iron oxide, better known as rust. The rust that is created during combustion is captured, and can then be regenerated into iron fuel by a process called reduction. In essence, this is the operation of storing renewable energy – like solar and wind energy – in a compact energy carrier: iron fuel.

100 kW
Iron Fueled Installation

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