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Living Lab Metal Power

Combustion, 2020 - present

The goal

The Lighthouse Metal Power Consortium successful realized a 100 kW combustion system in 2020. The Living Lab Metal Power project commenced to optimize and scale-up the iron fuel combustion installation. The 3,7 million euro project is made possible by EC, subsidy scheme Operationeel Programma Zuid, the Province of Noord-Brabant and the consortium partners. Within the Living Lab Metal Power project, a 1 MW combustion demonstration system of TRL6 is developed, evaluated and rolled out to heat-intensive SMEs in collaboration with end users.

Our approach

Besides developing the demonstration system, the project aims to spread the knowledge and roll out the results in order to attract new partners to become part of the Living Lab that will be realized. In this way, an open innovation ecosystem is created in which partners can develop and deploy the iron fuel technology. Within the ecosystem, the development of adjacent projects and implementation processes is top priority.

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